Through-hole Assembly (DIP assembly)

Most of PCBA boards request SMT & THD mixed technology. Components are placed by inserting legs into holes that covered with solder. Through-hole assembly widely used in industry mother board, power board and solar energy projects.

Components Prepare & DIP line

Material prepare work affects the whole DIP assembly quality and efficiency. STHL Electronics use professional device to re-shape components as per requests. PCBA boards key points had analysis and training before assembly for every new projects. Workers pick and insert components with ESD wrist straps (Anti Static Wrist Straps), which can prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) by safely grounding a person working with electronic equipments or at an electronic assembly facility. With DIP assembly fixture, components are protected from over heat during wave soldering.

Professional Through-hole Assembly and PCBA Manual Soldering

Fast speed, ESD process, High quality tin, STHL Electronics is your best quality PCBA supplier.

Wave Soldering

Wave soldering is the process of PCB DIP Assembly technical, DIP production conveyor track push and send PCB boards with THD components through a “wave” of molten solder. The solder bonds together exposed component pads and leads while wicking off of the bodies of components and the solder masked bulk of the board.

More and more PCBA projects use surface mount assembly in recent years due to newests high-density electronic products. While wave soldering still has its advantage for those typically few components not suitable for reflow, like some high pins through hole components and large  DIP connectors. Wave soldering requires more strict controls on production, also it requires additional time and labor to check and clean boards.

Manual Soldering

Manual soldering normally used on PCBA board with special design parts that are not suitable for reflow or wave soldering technology. For example, a PCBA board with 90% components for surface mount assemble and only few through-hole components, wave soldering these few components costs more compare manual soldering. Some special design parts like cable, TFT display and high spring, manual soldering is the easy way to ensure quality and low scarp ratio.

STHL PCBA skilled manual soldering workers did good job on quality and speed.

DIP Equipment

Name DIP (THT components) line Post soldering Line Box build line
Specification PCB size: 50~350mm(W)*120mm(H) Wave soldering temp: Max. 300℃ No limit No limit
Quantity 2 2 1
We can do Through hole components assemble;      RoHS Standard;                                       Assemble with fixture to protect key components. Cable soldering, heat sink, DC fans, screw assembly, other special solder requests… Box build assemble, labeling, packing, other special assemble requests…