You will see how we works for your projects when you send RFQ.

1. DFM checking

Check PCB Gerber files, BOM list, schematic diagram (if provided), mechanical assembly files to make clear the below sectors:

  • File version and the latest update time.
  • Technical process: ROHS or NON- ROHS
  • complete component silkscreen
  • components brand, part number, description, footprint, designator
  • make sure PCB specification: layers, material, laminate thickness, copper thickness, surface finish, solder mask and legend color
  • suitable PCB panel and rails
  • a correct SMT pick and place file
  • if program or function testing requests
  • complete mechanical assembly files and instruction pictures
  • whether other special requests
2. After STHL Electronics offers the reasonable quotation, customer places the order to us.

Most of PCBA projects has many components, so the price is much difference as per the components quality. Many fake components in the market, and brands also affect the cost. PCB board price also difference as per the laminate and vias copper thickness. In a word, it’s too important to find a right PCB assembly factory.

3. New project introduction meeting

Meeting for delegates from sales, engineering, production, purchasing and quality department.

  • Introduce project application sector, lead time requests and other special requests.
  • Confirm inner customer code and production code.
  • Confirm production lot number, purchasing and delivery quantity.
  • Analysis project technical process difficulty and quality control method.
  • Confirm PCB and components lead time.
  • Prepare production schedule first draft.
  • Prepare production fixture, stencil and other assistant material.
  • Confirm project testing method if needed.

4. Components purchasing
  • Components as per BOM list 100% (if lead time or other unexpected reason, we will check with customer for alternative part number. All work under customer permission.)
  • Purchasing from Class A distributors or worldwide reputation components platform like Digikey, Mouse and Farnell.
  • All components must be ROHS.
  • Stable components supplier and VIP account to have faster lead time and priority delivery.
  • With some brand technical support.
5. IQC material inspection
  • PCB inspection as per specification.
  • PCB testing under reflow to check if warp or change color.
  • Components inspection if any damage, deformation, short legs or other defective.
  • Components checking as per BOM list part number, production lot, date code, value.
  • Components feet testing if any oxidize.
6. Components and solder paste stock
  • All coming components marked labels with customers code name, project, date.
  • Stock record before and after production, counting and record the stock qty after production to avoid any waste from customers.
  • Professional thermostat and moist air cabinet for solder mask and some components.
  • Baking 2-12 hours for some PCB, IC and BGA chips to removing moisture, make sure perfect soldering.
  • Use branded solder paste.
  • High quality laser stencil.
  • Strict solder paste freeze, unfreeze, tracking, signature and blend working operation.
  • With the automatic solder paste printing machine, make sure the solder paste symmetrical and controlled thickness.
7. SMT assembly
  • Panasonic high speed automatic SMT machine line
  • Support all popular chip package, like BGA, SOP, TSOP, QFN, SOP, QFP, PLCC…
  • 1 SMT line support 10000 per hour
  • 10 temperature zone reflow, set the correct temperature curve.
  • Testing reflow temperature every 2 hours.
  • AOI inspection 100% for each piece to get rid of mistake, missing, opposite or bad soldering.
  • X-ray inspection for BGA chip boards
  • Boards moving by transporting cart to avoid damage or polluting.
8. DIP assembly
  • Unique production instruction for each project.
  • All workers wear anti-static wrist strap.
  • Prepare DIP components legs length by machine as per requests.
  • Open fixture for wave soldering production for mass production. Make sure the soldering quality and protect SMD components.
  • All boards clean by machine before packing.
  • Function testing if needed. Also can meet some special requests.
  • 2 DIP lines working in the same time to make sure fast delivery.
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