Quality Control of Materials

As an ISO9001 certified PCB assembly manufacturer, STHL Electronics always carry out strict quality and process control includes material inspection and storage conditions. The management of projects quality begins with a quality supply chain. To verify the quality of components and materials, STHL Electronics has established a professional quality team that evaluates the suppliers. We buy components from famous international platform like Mouser, Digikey, Farnell, Future, Avnet, Arrow or agents. To verify and use original components need both professional ability and quality attitude.

When new incoming material enter into STHL Electronics warehouse, quality departments staffs test the material using precision inspection instruments to verify the material is in satisfactory conditions. For customized materials, testing as per customers BOM list and datasheet is necessary. After the materials are approved, they are entered into a material management system, which prioritizes the material in a first-in-first-out method. The material management system can monitor the expiration dates of materials. As the expiration date nears, the systems will warn the system operator which ensures materials are used within their valid time.

Due to components and materials different characteristics, there must be strict control of temperature and moisture conditions. STHL Electronics controls the solder paste with first-in-first-out principle. There is label stick in the bottle which marks the usage record time which accurate to minutes.

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