If you are frustrated with your current PCB assembly supplier because of poor quality or slow delivery?

If you are tired to explain PCBA projects details again and again to new sales representative because of unstable sales person?

Can you imagine that you were showed a fake factory after you spent thousands dollars and a long flight business trip? (trading companies show you a nice factory on your visit, but throw your projects to a poor quality and bad management factory.)

Top 10 reasons why choose STHL PCBA

  • STHL PCBA is a real factory, but not trading company.
  • Management team are 10+ years experience in PCB assemble industry.
  • STHL PCBA sales representatives are very stable and mostly worked here since the company establish. They can help you remember your projects details and requested.
  • Our engineers can contact with customers directly in English if necessary, the faster and more effective communication helps lead time a lot.
  • We buy components from famous international platform like Mouser, Digikey, Farnell, Future, Avnet, Arrow or agents. Repeat orders material normally ordered from the same source, we do not change suppliers time by time if everything goes well.
  • No components substitutes without customers approval. We know alternatives can save cost, but we don’t want to make one time business. STHL PCBA always looking for long-term business.
  • We ensure all of your projects documents security. We can sign NDA agreement with customers.
  • Better material store in temperature control system.
  • Better packing and delivery protection. We know every delivery need go through several transportation from us to your warehouse, so we pack all merchandise with good conditions to make sure smoothly arrival.
  • No minimum order requests, we accept both prototype order and large quantity order.
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